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Giving our kids freedom to learn shouldn’t feel like settling for an inferior education. Get inspiration—and confidence— to help your kids enjoy growing into the amazing, unique difference-makers they are meant to be.


Dying to Win

You already know your kids are so much more than a test score, yet in an increasingly competitive global economy it can feel like they’re being left behind.

In Dying to Win Teri Capshaw reveals the dangers behind an international push to make students compete—and provides hope by showing parents that they already have what it takes to ignite their children’s love of learning.

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“In Dying to Win, Teri Capshaw blends her own personal experiences and the personal experiences of other veteran home educators with practical advice and motivation for families now home schooling or considering it as an option for the future. She calls on experts both within and from outside home education to share advice on how to successfully engage our students to become successful life-long learners. This is a quick read that will help anyone better understand the world of home education.”

Frank Edelblut, New Hampshire Commissioner of Education

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Homeschooling Support

Even when you know you should, homeschooling can feel intimidating. Teri provides perspective from her own experience being homeschooled K-12 along with years of extensive research on the topic.

As a mom herself, she knows how challenging it can be to deal with each child’s unique needs. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available to address almost any problem.

"[Teri’s book] will shatter the shackles of guilt and fear you have over not being the 'ideal' educator for your kids.  Then it will fill you with hope and excitement at the opportunity everywhere for kids to gain confidence and mastery, if we have the courage to get out of the way and let them." 

Isaac Morehouse, Founder & CEO of Praxis


Virtual Group Presentations

Teri is available to provide presentations to your group regarding a variety of practical topics from her next book The Homeschool Field Guide: How to Get Started, Keep Going, Stay “On Mission,” and Make Your Schedule Work for You.

She is also available to provide presentations for the homeschool industry dealing with educational trends and challenges going forward.

“Teri’s book [Dying to Win] is well researched and contains great information…”

Davis Carman, president of Apologia Educational Ministries