Life Planning

Ever feel frustrated when your plans fall apart?

There’s an ebb and flow in all of life—like the tide that rolls in and out on ocean shores. Many times our plans for life change and we’re called on to be as fluid as those ocean waves— and it may feel like time is water running through our hands. Discover how to know when to “go with the flow”— and when to stand firm so you can pursue God-sized dreams.


Art of Planning

Joan and Teri created this course to inspire “everyday women” like ourselves to chase after God-sized dreams.

Are you experiencing “divine discontent?” We know what it’s like to have God call us out of our comfort zones and into amazing adventures only He could see coming.

We’re incredibly excited to take you on a journey to practice the art of living just outside of your comfort zone, yet exactly where God wants to send you.  


The Deeper Path

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

As a certified Deeper Path Coach, Joan will lead you through a process to help you find your why.

To go higher you must go deeper. Joan will guide you along an incredible journey to discover how the most painful experiences in your past will lead you to your greatest contributions in life.


The non-negotiables

Have an event where you want a virtual or live presentation? Joan and Teri will leave your attendees inspired to live boldly, walk bravely, and know their true worth.

By focusing on how to develop non-negotiable principles for their lives attendees are equipped to defeat comparison and fluidly navigate life’s opportunities and challenges.

A few topics include, “How Fall in Love with the Word,” “Stay ‘On Mission’ Rather Than ‘On Schedule,” and “Discover your stones of remembrance.”