When a Dog Leads the Way

My Maybelle Rose.

My Maybelle Rose.

By Joan L. Turley

This dog!

The other morning I was feeling so low—quite pitiful if you really want to know. I could not find my joy even though the sound of classical music filled the air and a candle on the old wooden tabled flickered here and there spilling warm gold everywhere. The sun was still in bed and the black outside matched the darkness in my head.

Wrapped in a blanket with a warm cup of coffee held between my hands I whispered, “ Wish I were happy, Wish I were eager to race with giddy-joy into Your presence. What's wrong with me? And by the way why do you seem so far away? With all my heart I really want to love you God but I don't know what to say. Teach me God, please?”

Then she (this dog!) comes bounding down the stairs. With unbridled joy she jumps into my arms with her tail just a waggin’ and her tongue just a lickin’ my neck and nose! She doesn't stop to ask permission. She just nestles in as close as she can get burying her head deep into my chest.

Then and only then, she raises her head and looks at me with such longing in her eyes … as if to say, “Where ya been? I'm been waiting for forever just to see you once again.”

This dog! She slays me with her “I can't get enough of you” adoration … even though she’s with me just about 24/7.

This dog is showing me the way to meet Him in the morning with unbridled joy!

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